St Vincent Children’s Home (Child &Youth Care Centre) was founded by Trappist Monks in 1899 and it was run by the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood right from its inception up to date in Mariannhill. St Vincent Children’s Home operates as Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation pursuant and subject to the provision of the Children’s Amendment Act No.41 of 2007.

The Home admits children and youth from the age of 2 to 12 years boy child and 2 to 18 girl child.

The main objectives of the Organisation is to operates as a Child& Youth Care Centre and Place of Safety .The Home is designated for residential care for children who are found to be in need of care by Court on the basis set out in Section 150(1) of Children’s Act No 38 of 2005. The Board of Management of the Organization strives to ensure the compliance with the laws and the regulations which regulates the care of the children and youth, and to facilitate good and proper care of the children placed at St Vincent Children’s Home.

St Vincent Children’s Home provides care for the orphaned, abused and children with special needs. The organisation endeavours to assist them to develop their sense of identity through Social Work Interventions ,connecting with experienced individuals and organisations, for specialised help such as, psychologists and child line. Management and multi-disciplinary team strive to provide for the holistic needs of the children/ youth. Programmes that facilitate healing, growth and development are drawn in line with the objectives stipulated in our business plan. The Home ensures that all activities conducted meets the needs and brings about healing and growth to children/youth. The Home admits children and youth from the age of 2 to 12 years boy child and 2 to 18 girl child. The Home commits itself to work with the families of the children and to recruit host families for the re-unification of children to the society and foster care for our children. The Home is a Catholic institution; however, it caters for children from different religion / denominations. It also provide guidance and employment for local communities members. The Home receives a subsidy for each child admitted to the Home from the Department of Social Development; nevertheless, the needs and expenses of the children are much higher than the income. Thus the kindness of our society is much valued and appreciated to make the life of our children a better one!


We, St Vincent’s Child and Youth Care Centre provide special, spiritual, therapeutic and developmental care for a maximum of 100 children and youth.


St Vincent’s Child and Youth Care Centre aspires through human and other resources, to maximally alleviate trauma, heal children and youth. The Centre hopes that by believing, loving, serving children/youth will reach their physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social full potential.


Meet Our Team

Sr Gorrette Mtheku CPS Principal /Social Worker
Mrs Patricia (Pat) van Rensburg Bookkeeper
Miss Thembelihle Dlamini Senior Social Worker