October Holidays

During the October holiday 7 children visited their home or relatives, 4 children attended a camp in the Newlands sponsored by Childline and 4 children attended a camp in Richards Bay sponsored by the NACCW Youth Forum.   The children who were left at the home had fun activities planned each day.  They baked, watched movies, played sports, told stories, had visitors and went on outings. On Wednesday 11 children were taken on an outing as a reward for their good behaviour.  These children were chosen by their cottage care workers for having good behaviour all the time.  Our volunteer, Katrina aka Sihle, sponsored a trip to the movies as their reward.  The children went to the Pavillion where they say Hotel Translyvania in 3D and enjoyed popcorn, sweets and cold drink.  These children were so well-behaved through the whole outing.  It was a pleasure to be with them.  If you are interested in sponsoring a future behaviour reward trip please contact us.  The children really deserve the reward and it motivates other children to behave as well. On Friday we took the children on an outing to the Pinetown Pool for some swimming.  The children had so much fun.  Some of them were in the pool from the second they arrived until they were forced out because they had to return to the home.  Some of them also asked for and received an informal swimming lesson from our volunteer. 🙂 They got creative with their jumping. They loved jumping in. The boys were tired of swimming. Taking a break from the pool. The water was cold at first so... read more

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