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The Organisation is operated by the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood. 
The Organisation the property of the Congregation Mariannhill, in the diocese of 
Mariannhill in the Magisterial district of Pinetown (Ethembeni Inner West City Council)Ward 15, kwaZulu- Natal Province.
Address: 10 St. Vincent’s Drive, P.O. Box 11052, 3624 Mariannhill/ KZN R.S.A
Tel: (031) 7002054 / 7002295, 0814825994
E-mail: stvincent@vodamail.co.za & stvincent102@gmail.com
Sr Gorrette CPS: Acting Principal
Sr Clarita Ngcobo: Office Manager/ CPS Representative

Thembelihle Dlamini: Social Worker

Mrs Pat Van Rensburg: Bookkeeper

Mavis Moropane: Secretary / Receptionist