Mission Statement and Vision

Our Mission statement is to provide spiritual, therapeutic and developmental care for a maximum 110 Children &Youth.

Our Vision as a Children’s Home (Child& Youth Care Centre) is alleviating trauma and heal children and youth through human and other resources. The “organisation” hopes that by believing, loving and serving, Children/ Youth, will reach their physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social full potential. St Vincent Children’s Home (Child & Youth Care Centre) strives to contribute in building a better society where Children’s and Youth’s rights and responsibility will be observed and soundly applied.

Main Objective and Activities

The main objectives of the Organisation is to operates a Child& Youth Care Centre and a Place of Safety within RSA in accordance with the provisions of Children’s Act No 38 of 2005 & No 41of 2007.The home is designated for residential care of children who are found to be in need of care by the Court on the basis set out in Section 150(1) of Children’s Act No 30 of 2005. Providing care for orphaned and children who have social problem such as abuse and children with special needs. The Organisation endeavours to assist them develop their sense of identity through Social Work Interventions, connecting with experienced individuals and Organisations, for specialised resources such as, psychologists and child line. Basic skills like cooking and budgeting in preparing children for the future is offered The organisation provides for their educational, health, recreational and physical needs, striving to do everything in the best interest of the child.

The organisation is 75% subsidized by the government the rest the Missionaries have to seek help from people of goodwill; the Organisation admits children and youth from the age of 1 to 12 years boy child and 1 to 18 girl child. The maximum age of retention is 12 years for boys and 18 years for girls. The Organisation strives to work with the families of the children and to recruit host families for the re-unification of children to the society and foster care for our children. Though the Organisation is a Catholic institution it caters for children from different religions background and denominations.

The staff of St Vincent is made up professionals such as Social Workers, Child and Youth Care Workers, Professional Nurse, Teachers and other staff that provides for the physical needs of the children. The team plays a major role in the life space of each child, striving towards promoting holistic care and development. Provision of basic needs, is out lined in our businesses plan, The organisation commits itself in provision of education, health care, spiritual care, physical, security, life skill and engaging in re –unification program.


The Organisation is networking with other Children’s Homes, Child and Welfare Agencies, Department Social of Development Magistrate Courts and Neighboring Schools in relation to placement of children. The Organisation also refers children to childline and local hospitals.


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